Hello, I'm Antoinette, a product and portrait photographer based out of Toronto.

After attaining my business degree and working in the fast-paced corporate world for several years, I completed photography studies at Ryerson and found that I was truly passionate about the art.  The marriage of business and photography has provided a perfect base for my career in product marketing and strategic planning.  

I'm particularly in love with cosmetic and food photography, simply because I love to eat and put on makeup.  I have been fortunate to work with many talented Photographers and Entrepreneurs who shared with me their unique industry best practices, creativity, and ability to understand their photographic subjects.  My goal in all projects is to create stunning, dramatic images that capture the viewer’s attention, and have an awe inspiring effect.  I am greatly influenced by architecture, minimalist design, and geometric elements.

Now down to business...


  • I love taking self portraits (like the one pictured here)
  • I love, love, love, my city: The Six, T-Dot, T.O.

  • My only enemy is Canadian winters

  • I'm a huge fan of Marvel movies

  • I have a thing for Thor and Idris Elba (but who doesn't)

  • My favourite food is the unhealthy, yet undeniably delicious poutine

  • Boxing is my fitness activity of choice

  • Sadly, my abs always disappear when I go on vacation, likely a result of those poutines